BigShots Coming to Desert Color

BigShots in Desert Color

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A tech-driven golf driving range is set to open soon in southwestern Utah.

The most prominent new feature along I-15 is the set of giant nets and 150-foot black poles set up for the new driving range. The area’s latest entertainment option is billed as a tech-focused driving range and will be operated by BigShots Golf.

This driving range is expected to finish construction and be open to the public in early March 2022, according to Larry Christensen, an owner of the St. George BigShots location.

The range will have two levels and 52 tee boxes in total, which could ideally accommodate six people per box, according to Christensen. The building will be around 40,000 square feet and include a private event space and a restaurant. The driving range extends out for 235 yards and is 50 yards wide.

Although St. George is known for its golf courses, BigShots will technically be the first driving-range-centric business in the city. As advertised, it will offer options traditionally driving ranges don’t, such as climate-controlled tee boxes, ball tracking software that can tell how fast and far each ball was hit, and interactive games with virtual targets.

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