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At Desert Color, we present an extraordinary oasis, providing solace, leisure, and enjoyment for both residents and guests. Our lagoon and pool provide unmatched enjoyment and refreshment.


St. George’s Largest Private Body of Water!

At roughly 2.5 acres of surface area and over a half-mile of white-sand shoreline, The Shores Resort lagoon is the largest private body of water in the St. George area. The clear waters, sourced from our own well, are meticulously treated, chlorinated, filtered, and ozonated. With depths reaching 8 ½ feet in the center, guests can enjoy a variety of aquatic activities in this pristine oasis. The lagoon is the perfect place for guests to swim, kayak, paddle-board, and more.


Pool Paradise

In addition to the lagoon, The Shores Resort features a pool for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re up for a game of water volleyball, seeking a refreshing dip, or simply lounging on poolside chairs, there’s something for everyone here. It’s the ultimate destination for relaxation and fun! Additionally, we have Desert Color vacation rentals with private pools that offer fun and excitement right at your doorstep.


Experience Resort Luxury

The Shores Resort, nestled along the tranquil south side of the lagoon, offers an array of amenities to elevate your stay. Dive into relaxation at our inviting pool and hot tub, unwind in the comfort of our cabanas, or soak up panoramic views from our rooftop deck. Convenient locker and changing rooms ensure your comfort, while our pool deck café serves up refreshing drinks and snacks. Stay tuned for the upcoming pool lounge and grab-and-go restaurant space, adding even more convenience and luxury to your experience.

Water Stewardship


Desert Color is working with the City of St. George, the Washington County Water Conservancy District, and the State of Utah to manage the water we currently have and to explore ways to make sure that adequate supplies of water are available for future needs by:

  • Actively participating in local, regional, and state water planning and sourcing
  • Saving culinary water for household uses by restricting outdoor water usage to secondary water sources
  • Keeping water affordable for the end
  • Utilizing water-saving technologies


Through its development design, architecture, technology, and infrastructure, Desert Color could use up to 40% less culinary water than a typical development in Washington County by:

  • Voluntarily implementing development-wide xeriscape landscaping standards
  • Creating a separate secondary water storage and distribution system for outdoor irrigation and recreational needs
  • Reducing the overall amount of land being used for irrigation by creating multiple parks and recreational amenities instead of large, individual private yards


Desert Color’s decision to have a recreational water feature is driven by several significant considerations:

  • Differentiation of Recreational Amenities in the Area: St. George has thirteen golf courses with number fourteen currently under construction. Feedback from focus groups in the community suggested that another golf course would be just “more of the same” and that St. George was looking for something to be a new, dynamic attraction.
  • Conserves Water: According to the St. George Water Department, a recreational water feature with 2.5 acres of surface evaporation will use 11% less water than a 2.5-acre turf grass park. If the water feature uses chemical treatment evaporation technology, we could use even less water, as much as 24% less.
  • Where is the Water Coming From? Desert Color’s recreational water will come from a private well. The water is “brackish,” not fit for culinary use, not currently being used and ends up flowing down stream.
  • Put the Water to Work: This undesirable water will be cleaned and used to provide public and private recreational opportunities. It will be a new attraction and venue that will enhance economic development and generate revenue to local and state government. The stored water can also be used as a secondary water source for irrigation.

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