Living in a Master Planned Community

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What is a master planned community?

A master planned community is more than a collection of houses and parks.
Long before residents move in, years of visioning and planning were spent putting it all together. A vibrant fusion of live, work, and play, a master planned community, like Desert Color, offers residential homes of all types alongside parks, amenities, green spaces, schools, retail space, and much more.

Built-in amenities
Built-in, world-class amenities in a master-planned community usually include exclusive swimming pools, amazing playgrounds, walking paths and biking trails for miles, and retail for shopping and dining. Desert Color will offer all these amenities and become a family-friendly oasis of resort-style living. This community will introduce never-before-seen amenities to southern Utah while integrating all that is great about living in Southern Utah.

A home for every stage of life
With a wide variety of home builders, Desert Color will offer various lifestyle and life-stage options in its housing inventory. From single-family homes to apartments and from condominiums to townhomes, there is a place for everyone at Desert Color. A team of preferred home builders provide healthy competition and organic community growth.

Social connection
Great design principles and standards tie the entire community together – from the landscaping to new home construction. With a team approach to building the community, many disciplines work together to ensure a quality community that looks and feels just like home.

Desert Color is designed to unify the larger southern Utah community as well as the people who live in it. People who live in a master-planned community reap the benefits of a true sense of community, where neighborhood design, events, and activities encourage residents to explore outside the four walls of their home.

Active lifestyle
Have you ever considered the lifestyle you want when looking for a new house? Benefits of living in a master planned community reach far beyond your property lines. New traditions, community events, fitness classes, and clubs will be established for everyone living at Desert Color to enjoy an exciting and balanced life.

Desert Color is a master planned community. Never-before-seen amenities and smart planning are coming together to offer a new standard of living, not only in southern Utah, but also throughout the west. Desert Color is a viable opportunity to choose a life that is something different and something better than has ever been available in the area before. It is a place to pursue dreams, achieve aspirations, and discover the joys of living in a community that maximizes the benefits of southern Utah.

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